Hi, I'm Andrew Burks!


I am an Associate Director of Decision Sciences at Epsilon, performing R&D work in Visual Analytics and Human-Computer Interaction.

I am also a Ph.D. Candidate in the Computer Science department at the University of Illinois at Chicago. I have experience working on research projects related to data visualization and the development of collaborative software for large/tiled displays.

Through my work, I have gained hands-on experience in two main areas: Data Visualization and Visual Analytics, and Human Computer Interaction. Broadly, I am interested in the role of visualization and "human-data" interfaces in analytical processes and workflows.

Research projects that I have worked on
Papers I have written and published
Small writeups of projects, ideas, or anything else


2020Honorable MentionPEARC'20: Application Software, Suppport, and Outcomes Track (Student Papers)
2019Honorable MentionNSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program (GRFP)
2017Honorable Mention - Clarity in Visual CommunicationIEEE VIS 2017 VAST Challenge: Mini-Challenge 2
Honorable Mention - Good Interactive Image ExplorerIEEE VIS 2017 VAST Challenge: Mini-Challenge 3
2016Honorable MentionIEEE VIS Conference: VGTC VPG Data Visualization Contest
Certificate of MeritIEEE VIS Conference: SciVis Contest